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  • One Stop English
    Materials for teaching and learning Vocabulary, Business English, Grammar, and many more.
  • Online Graphical Dictionary
    Enter a word and see how it is related to other words. Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts.
  • Google Translator
    Translate from one language to another instantly. More than 20 language options are available, e.g. Danish, Indonesian, Dutch, etc.
  • English Grammar Reference
    The free online reference and guide for English grammar. It is a great resource for both English language teachers and English language learners.
  • English Grammar Exercises
    Free online exercises in grammar. Test your knowledge on Conditional sentences, Tenses and a lot more. See the result instantly online.


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  Lexicology & Lexicography

  Business Communication

  Academic English

  Pengantar Bisnis

  Links for Linguistics

  Links for English Grammar


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