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    The main course book is:

O'Grady, William, Michael Dobrovolsky, and Francis Katamba (eds). 1996. Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction, 3rd edition. Harlow: Longman.

Indonesian students should read the introductory note (in Indonesian Language). Click HERE to download it. 

Some of the PowerPoint Files use IPA characters, so you have to install IPA to your computer if you want to see the characters correctly. Download the IPA software by pointing your mouse HERE, click right, and choose "Save Target As..." 

All files below are in English and may be downloaded for free, but please fill out my Feedback Form HERE after you download any of the files.


The topics covered:

      1. Chapter 1 Language: a preview

      • Creativity of Linguistic Knowledge

      • The Components of a Grammar

      • Generality, Equality, Universality, and Tacitness

      • Changeability: grammars change over time

      • Language Standardization

      PowerPoint Presentation: File #1


      2. Chapter 2 Phonetics: the sounds of language

      • The sound-producing system

      • Place of Articulation

      • Manner of Articulation

      • Vowels

      • Suprasegmentals

      PowerPoint Presentation: File #2, File #3


      3. Chapter 3 Phonology: the function and patterning of sounds

      • Phonemes and Allophones

      • Syllables

      • Articulatory Processes

      PowerPoint Presentation: File #4, File #5


      4. Chapter 4 Morphology: The Analysis of Word Structure

      • Word Classes

      • Free Morphemes vs. Bound Morphemes

      • English Word Formation

      • Inflections vs. Derivations

      PowerPoint Presentation: File #6, File #7, File #8


      5. Chapter 5 Syntax: The Analysis of Sentence Structure

      • Categories and Structure

      • Tree Diagram

      • Ambiguity

      • Transformations

      PowerPoint Presentation: File #9, File #10


      6. Chapter 7 Semantics: The Analysis of Meaning

      • Semantic Features

      • Semantic relations among words

      • Semantic relations involving sentences

      • Metaphor

      • Cooperative Principles

                    PowerPoint Presentation: File #11, File #12


Additional Materials (In Indonesian Language):

Online Exercises

Test your knowledge on the terms used in English Word Formation Processes, click HERE

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