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    The course book is:

    Fromkin, Victoria, Robert Rodman, and Nina Hyams. 2003. Introduction to Language, 7th Edition. Boston: Thomson Heinle.

    Introductory Notes (in English Language), Click HERE.


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    The topics covered:

    1. Chapter 1 What is Language?

    • Linguistic Knowledge

    • Linguistic Competence vs. Linguistic Performance

    • Descriptive Grammar vs. Prescriptive Grammar

    • Language Universals

    PowerPoint Presentation: File#1 


    2. Chapter 3 Morphology: The Word of Language

    • Content words vs. Function Words

    • Bound and Free Morphemes

    • Inflections vs. Derivations

    • Word Coinage: Compounds, Acronyms, Back-formations, Abbreviations, Eponyms, and Blends.

    PowerPoint Presentation: File#2, File#3 


    3. Chapter 4 The Sentence Patterns of Language

    • Grammatical or Ungrammatical?

    • Syntactic Categories

    • Heads and Complements

    • Phrase Structure Rules

    • Sentence Relatedness

    PowerPoint Presentation: File#4, File#5 


    4. Chapter 5 The Meanings of Language

    • Semantic Properties

    • Semantic Relations

    • Sentential Meaning

    • Metaphors & Idioms

    • Pragmatics

    PowerPoint Presentation: File#6, File#7, File#8  

    Online Exercises

    Test your knowledge on the terms used in English Word Formation Processes, click HERE

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