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    The course book is:

      Wardhaugh, Ronald. 2002. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics, 4th edition. Oxford: Blackwell.

All files below are in English and may be downloaded for free, but please fill out my Feedback Form HERE after you download any of the files.


Special Topic #1: Sociophonetics File#4

Special Topic #2: Sociolinguistic Typology File#5 (based on Prof. Trudgill's lecture)

Special Topic #3: From Pre-Pidgin to Post-Creole File#6 (based on Prof. Trudgill's lecture)


The topics covered:

    Chapter 1 Introduction

    • Knowledge of Language

    • Variation

    • Scientific Investigation

    • Sociolinguistics and the Sociology of Language

    • Methodological Concerns


    Chapter 2 Languages, Dialects, and Varieties

    • Seven Criteria of a Language

    • Regional Dialects

    • Social Dialects

    • Styles, registers, and Beliefs

    • PowerPoint Presentation: File#1


    Chapter 3 Pidgin and Creoles

    • Lingua Francas

    • Distribution and Characteristics

    • From Pidgin to Creole


    Chapter 4 Codes

    • Diglossia

    • Bilingualism and Multilingualism

    • Code-Switching

    • PowerPoint Presentation: File#2, File#3


    Chapter 5 Speech Communities

    • Intersecting Communities

    • Networks and Repertoires


  Introduction to Language

  General Linguistics


  Research Methods

  Lexicology & Lexicography

  Business Communication

  Academic English

  Pengantar Bisnis

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  Links for English Grammar


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